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Cheetah is a database featuring geographical, industry and accounting information on three cohorts of mid-sized firms that experienced fast growth during the periods 2008-2011, 2009-2012 and 2010-2013

CIB / CinnoB

The CIB / CinnoB - Corporate Invention and Innovation Boards is a database about largest R&D performers and their subsidiaries worldwide, providing patenting and other indicators

CWTS Publication Database

The CWTS publication database is a full copy of Web of Science (WoS) dedicated to bibliometric analyses, with additional information e.g. on standardised organisation names and other enhancements


Doctoral Degree and Career Dataset (DDC) is an experimental dissertation-centric database on PhD production in Europe


EFIL provides data useful for characterizing research funding instruments managed by selected European Research Funding Organizations.


ESID is a comprehensive and authoritative source of information on social innovation projects and actors in Europe and beyond.


EUPRO is a unique dataset providing systematic and standardized information on R&D projects of different European R&D policy programmes

ISI-Trademark Data Collection (ISI-TM)

The ISI-Trademark Data Collection (ISI-TM) provides detailed information on trademarks filed at the EUIPO and at the USPTO.


JoREP is a database on European trans-national joint R&D programmes, storing a basic set of descriptors on the programmes and agencies participating to the programmes


MORE (Mobility Survey of the Higher Education Sector) is a comprehensive empirical study of researcher mobility in Europe


ProFile is a longitudinal study focusing on the situation of doctoral candidates and their postdoctoral professional careers at German universities and funding organisations

RISIS Patent

RISIS Patent offers an enriched and cleaned version of the PATSTAT database, with a focus on standardised organisation names and geolocalisation


RISIS-ETER represents an extension by additional indicators in terms of research activities of the European Tertiary Education Register database


Science and Innovation Policy Evaluations Repository (SIPER) is a rich and unique database and knowledge source of science and innovation policy evaluations worldwide


VICO is a database comprising geographical, industry and accounting information on start-ups that received at least one venture capital investment in the period 1998-2014