Title MORE
Description MORE (Mobility Survey of the Higher Education Sector) is arguably the most comprehensive empirical study of researcher mobility available. The MORE dataset ('facility') is composed of two independent waves of extensive, Europe-wide surveys in this family: the pan-European MORE2 survey as well as its more limited predecessor, MORE1. MORE1 and MORE2 were carried out on behalf of the EU Commission among large samples of researchers at European universities in 2009 and 2012, respectively. MORE provides a unique lens on mobility patterns and career paths in Europe, including measures of flows of international (and sector) mobility, of factors that influence mobility, and of effects that can be linked to researcher mobility. Services currently offered by the infrastructure: The MORE facility includes harmonization (e.g. of field of science, career stages) and links the data to the European Tertiary Education Register (RISIS-ETER). The linked information includes variables such as the distribution of staff by field of science, overall funding, and share of foreign students or staff, and provides the scope for in-depth analysis as it allows the research community to control for important institutional-level effects.
Keywords researcher mobility; research careers; survey; career stages
Use Cases
Dataset Owner NIFU
Dataset Access Manager Eric Iversen